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And it is not likely they will in the future: "In 2007, the Japanese Supreme Court decided they have no claim to damages." A bitter pill for the victims.And even today, on occasion, Japanese politicians simply deny the existence of the comfort women. During his time in office in early 2007, incumbent Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, for example, said there was "no proof that the women were forced" to work in the brothels. Earlier this year, Toru Hashimoto, governor of Osaka, told journalists that in times of war, sex slavery was "necessary" to keep the discipline among the troops.To increase her chances of survival, doctors removed her uterus.She lived in the city of Yanji, kept to herself and tried to get back on her feet - all on her own. Her husband treated her well, she laughs, "otherwise I wouldn't have put up with him for so long." Many comfort women lived a similar life after the brothels, keeping to themselves and keeping quiet about the horrors they experienced - mostly out of fear of being labeled an outcast.

() Japan believes it has apologized sufficiently for the excesses of its military in the first half of the last century, but its neighbors feel the government in Tokyo continues to gloss over the atrocities.

Lee Ok-Seon thinks the statement is crass and outrageous: "I cannot grasp how anyone can say such a thing.

Whoever refuses to accept what the Japanese did back then is not a human being." Back home but alone Lee Ok-Seon now lives in South Korea.

It wasn't until the year 1991 that the first former "comfort woman" went public with her story.

She encouraged and inspired 250 other women to finally talk about their experiences as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during the war and demand recognition and an apology from the Japanese government. Japan has trouble dealing with its dark past, according to historian Stöver.

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