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Re Red's Realm, I ordered from him once and after a long, long wait I eventually got a package, only to find out that he had messed up my order. So I don't recommend him unless he has something you have to have and can't get anywhere else, in which case you can send him some money and hope for the best. He said he hopes to have the site back up in the next few days.

Funny thing is, our hits always seem to skyrocket here on the GIMP whenever You Tied goes down. We were higher than normal yesterday and way, way higher than that tonight.

Sloth wrote: I had others tell me [Red] suffers grave illness when it's convenient ... But he would be a good source on confirming the Georgia/Dottie theory and other magazine-related mysteries.

Uhuru in it we may get a special guest appearance by William Shatner :).

Got my latest VM order in and will watch "Cut" accompanied by a couple martinis - let you know what I think on this one.

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But such protection should be isolated to interviews before and after the scene.

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