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Ordering a double of any slider raises calorie, fat, sodium, and cholesterol levels significantly.

Regional franchisees often offer specialty sliders or limited-time-only menu options, with nutrition data varying for each item and by demographic.

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Nutrition profiles of other slider options include bacon cheese sliders (220cal/14g fat/13g carb/460mg sodium/25mg cholesterol) and chicken breast sliders (390cal/28g fat/20g carb/650mg sodium/25mg cholesterol).

The larger orders allow individuals to purchase as many as 20 burgers in bulk at a time.

Original sliders with no cheese represent the lightest options found on White Castle menus.

Smalls boast 360 calories, while sacks contain 1,440 calories.

An order of French toast sticks runs customers 460 calories. Customers may choose from teas, coffees, and lemonades, as well.

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