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So how do we efficiently handle the UI, run the worker code, and communicate data between the two, all while keeping the UI responsive?

Luckily for users of Swing, there are a few options, both of which can make programming GUIs much simpler.

Updating becomes slow, so only each half a second, a button becomes black.

If you want the timer to go off only once, you can invoke .

The option to Launch as an application is presented only during some error conditions, an example being the user is not willing to install the required Java Runtime Environment (JRE), as well as, upon logout from the current GUI session within the browser.

The behavior of the Group Manager GUI in this scenario does not provide clear instructions as to how to launch the application until the user arrives at this page.

In general, we recommend using Swing timers rather than general-purpose timers for GUI-related tasks because Swing timers all share the same, pre-existing timer thread and the GUI-related task automatically executes on the event-dispatch thread.

You can use Swing timers in two ways: method in this listener should contain the code for whatever task you need to be performed.

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