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Everything feels just right during the “summertime” of our lives.

The fall or “harvest” time often greets us with challenges for which we aren’t prepared.

Continue Reading → October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

As an organization that works with children who have experienced or witnessed – or both – physical, sexual and emotional abuse, Methodist Family Health understands the long-lasting damage this violence has on children, their families, friends, teachers and community.

Look for hope and a new experience in the things around you.

What could your current position in the world be saying to you?

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Take care of yourself during a season in which you are unprepared, taking time to reflect, organize your thoughts and challenge negative thoughts.Sometimes the season feels like eternity, especially for people experiencing repeated loss and grief. There is nothing left and you simply feel burned out. We all face pain, grief and loss at some point or season in our lives.The key is what we choose to do with these experiences.Your process is continually changing as you are on this journey to attempt to deal with your loss. We light our community memorial candle at the start of every grief group in honor of our deceased loved one.During this holiday season, it might help to consider the following grief tips that many grief experts advise including Dr. Talk about your loved one’s death and tell their story. Please consider contacting Kaleidoscope Grief Center for grief services for you and your family if you are struggling with the support you need at this difficult time.

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