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When you’re someone who strives to match their actions and words, as well as living congruently with your values, it’s very difficult to habitually disappoint people or even have one of those switchy personalities that picks and chooses who they want to roll out their nicey-nice and assholic character for, which is their assessment is and feeding into a widely held belief by people who struggle with low self-esteem, that inappropriate, unhealthy or even abusive behaviour has a rationale and can be accepted when the recipient of it isn’t worthy of something better, as if you’re communicating your worth and influencing their behaviour.

What you can learn from people who seem to think that it’s OK to disappoint you and to disappointing you, while appearing to be more conscientious with others, is that they’re clearly aware that they can and should act better and are actually capable of it, at least on a surface level, but they’ll show their real selves and let it all hang out to someone who they think will take them any which way.

Development of Ever Quest began in 1996 when Sony Interactive Studios America (SISA) executive John Smedley secured funding for a 3D game like text-based MUDs following the successful launch of Meridian 59 the previous year.

Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way.

– Failing to do something for you and then doing the exact same thing or similar for someone else even though you’re still waiting on them.

Often they’ll keep telling you that they’re going to get to your job eventually but in essence they keep bumping you when something that they’re afraid to jeopardise their image over, comes along.

It has received awards, including 1999 Game Spot Game of the Year and a 2007 Technology & Engineering Emmy Award.

Ever Quest began as a concept by John Smedley in 1996.

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