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—Tim Appelo Call Me By Your Name, R Set against the stunning backdrop of the Italian countryside in 1983, this profound and emotional love story follows Elio (Timothée Chalamet), a 17-year-old who falls in love with Oliver (Armie Hammer), an older graduate student boarding with his family for the summer to assist his academic father (the phenomenal Michael Stulhbarg, 49).Elio and Oliver’s relationship has an authentic tenderness under the direction of Luca Guadagnino, who’s created the best coming-of-age story in recent years.Full Q&A with Greta Gerwig The Man Who Invented Christmas, PG Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) is good fun as Charles Dickens stricken with writer’s block in this film about how he produced A Christmas Carol in six weeks flat. 13, steals the show as Scrooge, serving in this story as a bitter figment of Dickens' imagination.Plummer uses his immense, winged eyebrows and baggy, malevolently narrowed eyes to great effect.Sally Hawkins nails the tricky role of the mute janitor who saves the creature and is saved in return.As her janitor pal, AARP The Magazine cover girl Octavia Spencer anchors the fantasy with a performance not far from the earthy humor of The Help.The Ballad of Lefty Brown, R Sporting silly muttonchops and muttering self-deprecatingly, Bill Pullman, who turns 64 Sunday, is a lovable buffoon named Lefty Brown in this western that honors the classics.

Previously homeschooled by Mom (Julia Roberts) and Dad (Owen Wilson), Auggie gets bullied for his disfigured face so cruelly, he wants to wear a space helmet to school.

—Garrett Schaffel Darkest Hour, PG-13 Gary Oldman is brilliant and a sure Oscar contender in this role as the despised oddball responsible for the Gallipoli disaster of World War I who later rises exhilaratingly to the occasion as the man who beat Hitler: “We shall never surrender!

” His Winston Churchill is volatile, mumbling, bellowing, sozzled, amusing and amused, tormenting and tortured.

Ghosts can walk the flowery bridge from the Land of the Dead back to the living, but only if their families remember them by posting their photos in a shrine.

And Coco, a loving grandmother struggling with Alzheimer's, is in danger of forgetting her late father — because of her illness, and also because he was a musician who abandoned Coco and her mom.

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