Sarasota dating scene

We’re talking 53 percent of the population (6,969 of just over 11,000 people) who are either never married or divorced and between the ages of 18 and 44.

Romantic dining is also a step up from Miami Beach, with one softly lit spot like The Mango Tree for every 871 singles, which earned Cocoa Beach 56th place in this category.

Miami Beach also made the top 10 for the portion of its single populace that falls within our 18 to 44 demographic.

With 45 percent of its residents (40,907) in this group, it ranked seventh overall for the criterion.

Bars are another story though, with one for every 1,394 singles, a 116th-place finish.

With its myriad beaches and absolutely electric nightlife, we can’t think of many places better for someone looking to step up their dating game that the state of Florida.

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We were going to make a joke here about this other No.The only major downside here is going to be the number of singles available to meet; Sebring ranked 121st in this category, with only about 30 percent of its population falling into our 18 to 44 single range.The singles contingent is definitely not so tiny in our next place, which happens to be involved in another two-way tie.Crestview, population nearing 21,000, ranked 26th for singles within our dating age range, comprising 40.5 percent or 6,349 of its residents.You’re not going to meet these folks during your commute, though, as a mere .55 percent of them take public transportation.

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