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You can see a sample SOAP request for the Lat Lon List Subgrid() interface at Lon List Lat Lon List Line() function: Returns the WGS84 latitude and longitude values for all points on a line defined by the line's end points.NOTE: The list of locations will only form a straight line when viewed in the NDFD projection applicable to the grid.The client creates and sends the SOAP request to the server.The request sent by the client then invokes one of the server functions.Knowing how NDFD XML is constructed, users can write programs to process the XML document to get at the data it contains.

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The returned list of points is suitable for input into NDFDgen Lat Lon List(), NDFDgen By Day Lat Lon List(), and Gml Lat Lon List() which will return NDFD data for those points. You can see a sample SOAP request for the NDFDgen() interface at of WGS84 latitude and longitude pairs for the points for which you want NDFD data.Each point's latitude and longitude value is seperated by a comma. The “time-series” product returns all data between the start and end times for the selected weather parameters.However, users can request latitude and longitude values for resolutions greater ( 10km, 15km, 20km, etc.) than the native resolution so as to reduce the number of points returned.You can view an example of how to invoke Lat Lon List Subgrid() by selecting "Grid Points For Subgrid" on the following web page.

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