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If the latter is true, how many of their memories are reliable, and how can a therapist possibly determine what is fact and what is fantasy?

Remarkably, however, this debate appears to be completely bypassing many of the therapists, child abuse workers and sexual assault counsellors who have banded together to combat ritual abuse.

It is a well oiled, clandestine machine fuelled by public ignorance and distraction.

Detecting members of this system and their tactics is like purchasing a new vehicle.

Even the official NSW Government booklet on ritual abuse – distributed to hundreds of health workers since 1993 – dismisses the growing body of contrary evidence as an example of society’s collective “denial.” The ‘investigation’ referred to in the above article was the failed Wood Royal Commission.

That commission was sparked by complaints from politician Diedre Grusovin regarding reports of a VIP Sydney pedophile ring which implicated politicians, Catholic churches, Child Protection Services (DOCS), the Education Department, media moguls, and entertainers.

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After years of exposure to abuse cases, these counsellors are adamant that there is nothing unbelievable about the vivid detail of the stories they are hearing, and many view the current debate as a “backlash” against their cause.…Among some survivors and even therapists, the “backlash” and the failure of police investigations are now cited as examples of the diabolical cleverness of Satanic cults, whose influence reputedly extends to the top of our society.

“It’s very deliberately instigated by people who have an enormous amount to lose,” says Janet. it’s actually orchestrated by ritual abuse perpetrators as a way of discrediting survivors.” This view has been fuelled by allegations, currently under investigation, that NSW police have been bribed by pedophiles.

One therapist claims to have seen infra-red Federal Police photographs of nocturnal forest rituals.

A Child Protection Services official talks about covens meeting around Australia on certain days of the year.

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