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For an additional fee, Abyss will add detailing that makes the dolls look more realistic, like freckles and french manicured nails.Real Dolls start around ,000 but can cost upwards of ,000 – think green-skinned aliens or exact replicas of dead wives, though Abyss says that they will not make likeness of a living person without their consent.

Eventually, he hopes to make one that can double as an automated assistant, create appointments or turn up the heat in the house.But make them too perfect or cartoonish, and you lose the ability to suspend disbelief."It's just something I have a sense for when I look at it, Mc Mullen says. Not too much like a person and not too much like a doll."Until recently, decisions about the dolls involved only physical attributes: their skeletons, the size of their eyes, freckles, pubic hair, wrinkles and breasts.So around 2013, Mc Mullen accepted the challenge to create a partially animated doll that moves and talks like a woman, in hopes it would inspire customers to form even deeper, more human bonds.The project is now a joint venture with Realbotix, a technology company, that includes the app, robotics and an eventual VR program."Human relationships have changed drastically over the last 10 to 20 years," Mc Mullen says.

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