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If you are a western guy trying to date Asian women you will find that marriage to them is a two sided street.

In this modern world they still give you face in public but in private you must accept to put your new family first (not yourself).

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Romeo and Juliet are your classic tragic tale, but see also: squires scoring with their masters' lonely wives while they were away in the crusades. We like to think of the ol' Victorians as being on the repressed side, but they were fairly liberal when it came to relationships.The Romans eventually outlawed polygamy and orgies, setting monogamous standards for thousands of years.In the 12th century, a chap called Andreas Capellanus wrote the world's first dating manual, The Art of Courtly Love.Such valuable information can only be found here at Datesof Asia.Dates Of is the best source of information about dating advice, relationship with Asian women on the web.

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