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The ground surface is a floor of gray rock with long parallel grooves, known as grykes.

Rainwater seeps through the porous rocks to the underground caves and lakes that swell with overflow, appearing in full lakes that disappear after the rain.

They stretch five miles along the west coast of Clare from Hag’s Head to just beyond O’Brien’s Tower.

Composed of shale and sandstone, the cliff’s ledges make ideal roosting homes for birds.

The Royal Canal and the Grand Canal provide connections between the port area and the northern and southern branches of the River Shannon. Along with its rich past, Dublin has been made famous in song from “Molly Malone” (the Tart with the Cart), to “Summer in Dublin”.

It boasts of having the oldest pub in Ireland, “The Brazen Head”, and the oldest university, Trinity College.

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On a clear day you can see as far as the Mountains of Kerry, Connemara and the Aran Islands.

Belfast City (Beal Feirste) is the capital of Northern Ireland and is located in County Antrim.

The city offers easy access with a choice of two airports.

Located in the city at Belfast Lough is Belfast Harbour Airport, Belfast International Airport is 12 miles west of the city.

At Belfast Port, harbour ferries arrive from Scotland and the U. History and politics play a major role in the fabric of Belfast, where the culture that has evolved here is different than other parts of Northern Ireland.

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