Dating at 45 separated parents dating

Knocking 4 or 5 years off your biological age is quite likely to be a more realistic portrayal of what you actually look like. Use a profile picture that shows you doing something active. Don’t include your children or more attractive friends. It seems to me that the whole format of online dating is to the disadvantage of the more mature woman. But here as well, you have to be realistic that your age is not on your side.

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Younger men want to meet older women, says Julia Mac Millan, owner of, a matchmaking site with 26,000 members.

That conscious thought may not have passed through the man’s head but that is nonetheless what is going on. (This might not be difficult to do in some cases.) So for a woman getting onto the online dating market it is important to remember that your age is not simply a problem. More practically, we all have a mental picture of what someone of a particular age looks like.

But most of us look a lot younger than that mental picture.

All of that energy is useful, because dating at 45 requires more resourcefulness than dating in your 20’s, when people your age weren’t already settled in the suburbs.

To date again later in life, you need to grow outside of your comfort zone, advises Denver-based dating coach Rachel Greenwald.

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